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Timur Suleymanov

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Timur Suleymanov

Professional fashion-, advertising and fine art photographer.

Graduate of the Moscow Academy of Photography, union member of Photo Artists in Russia and Czech Republic.

The only Russian photographer to be a laureate of Masaryk prize "For the contribution to the art in the field of photography", awarded by the Academy of Arts of the Czech Republic..

Multiple publications worldwide and an art collection in the Moscow Museum of Modern Art.

6 reasons to entrust me your wedding photographs


In 2006, I successfully graduated from the Moscow Academy of Photography, specialized in "Advertising Photography".

My knowledge and abilities allow me to work at any level of complexity.



I have been a professional photographer for more than 15 years.

For the last 10 years, I have been living and working in the Czech Republic. Photographing is not just a hobby for me, as it is my passion and an everyday hard work.


One’s own style is developed through years of experience. My mission is to please customers with stylish and memorable images that would be kept for future generations.


Every year, over 100 clients trust me with their wedding ceremonies, family celebrations and other photo shoots.


Extensive experience and excellent technical skills let me guarantee the top quality of my work.

Creative approach

I appreciate each customer’s personality and try to approach every photo shoot in the most creative way.

Our work process

Signing a contract

Before getting to work, we will make a bilateral contract to agree on all of the important details such as terms, costs, workload, expected deadline, etc., to make your wedding preparations as comfortable as possible without having to worry about your photographer.

We discuss each point of the contract to set up the best terms for you.

Meeting a day before photographing

We will meet before the shooting to get to know each other and specify all of the details. We will make a schedule of the day of your wedding and choose the best shooting route. We will also discuss your preferred shooting style and final artistic retouch most suited for you.

Photographing in a cheerful and natural way

I wholeheartedly understand that both brides and grooms are very anxious about their wedding photography. I know that most of you are not used to being photographed and not all of you are fond of the process. It is perfectly okay! Do not worry, as I will make it as comfortable for you as possible, so that you will not even notice my presence. I will also give you advice on how to pose, whether to look at the camera or not, etc. The only thing you need is to enjoy yourself!

Editing your photos

As a chef at the good restaurant never gives guests an unfinished meal, I always serve my customers with finished and completely edited photos. I do not have "10 photos edited, others not even touched" as my motto, since your wedding is unique and well worthy of being more than just a couple of images. This is why there will not be any kind of raw material or selective editing; I will edit all technically successful photos in one style and I will send everything to you. Later, you may choose the best of them for your wedding archive.

Creating a unique photo book

Do you still keep any photo books? How many of us had a chance to see our grandparents’ wedding photos? Not that many, I think. It would be incredible to look at your grandmother in a wedding dress or your grandfather in a suit!

I will include the best photos in your wedding photo book. Such a book should be a treasure passed on to your grandchildren.

Sending a disc with your photos and photo books via EMS express delivery

I will carefully wrap a disc with your photos and a photo book, and send a package via EMS express delivery to your desired address.

You will get a tracking number, so that you could receive it as soon as possible.

Photo book

Treasure the history of your family in a photo book

Feedback from my customers

Irina and Borya. Israel

 Straight to the point, these photos are amazing! My husband and I have been looking for a wedding photographer for a long time, since I’m quite a picky person and I wanted to get my hands on the best of the best in their field! Unusual angles, sincere emotions, exciting moments, I had everything and more. I’m so glad to spend the day of our lives with Timur and his team! Looking at the photos, I’m reliving that day again and again, with how beautifully they captured emotions, eyes, the sun, the atmosphere and our feelings. They managed to convey that day’s mood perfectly! I want to sincerely thank Timur for his talent, charisma, effortless work and a day filled with laughter. I want to thank him for having us, so beautiful and happy on the photos, for all the moments and for eyes gleaming with pleasure.

Sabine and Michael. Russia

 Timur, thanks for your professionalism and the most positive attitude towards us! We are so glad to have chosen you as a photographer for our wedding! We posed on photos with great pleasure, and your sense of humor and jokes helped us to create a light atmosphere! Photos turned out to be so marvelous and unique, that we just can’t stop looking at them! We regret that due to the shortage of time, we couldn’t make a love story photo shoot, but we made a decision, that during our next trip to Prague we are going to contact you and make our dream come true! When we’ll be looking through our wedding album, we will surely remember you! Thank you for letting us remember these unique moments of our life at their best! 

Darya and Alexander. Norway

 I don’t want to write cliché compliments … I have already told you, that you are the best photographer I’ve ever met …! It is pure happiness, that we met you, because it is you, who made the memory of that day eternal! You are incredibly talented, and I want to say thank you for incredible pictures, your job, and your presence at all the events of that day, you were part of our holiday and our dearest guest! As I have already mentioned, at just the right moments we meet just the right people! And I am glad that you joined us and contributed to this mad wedding! :) You are a remarkable person and a big professional in your field! And we all miss you and your team! You are the best!

Anastasia and Radek. Czech Republic

When a photographer chooses one for his or her own wedding, it is one hell of a story :) But with Timur there was no hesitation, I knew at once, he will be our photographer. Everything worked like a charm, he is truly a remarkable expert. He made jokes, supported us when needed, encouraged us and gave valuable hints :) As far as photos go, no comments, everything’s already clear from his portfolio — that one time when you love each and every image :) The cherry on top of the cake is that we received some of the photos in a few days after the wedding, though we expected to be waiting for months :) His work is highly efficient and he’s a nice person to know! Thanks! :

The best wedding agencies of the Czech Republic and Europe trust me and my work

Special offer:

2 gifts for any photo shoot!!!

Order a photo shoot now and receive your gifts on any wedding date in 2018!

 Gift No. 1:
Shooting on a film

The most expensive and exclusive weddings in Europe and America are shot only on film! These photos have unique magic within them. Gentle colors, lights, soft shadows give birth to entirely different, complete feelings.

Today, film photos are made exclusively by professionals, who reached the highest level in their field, as it requires an extensive experience of shootings, mastery of using gear and exact arranging of the shot composition.

Get your fine individually filmed footage, captured via a classical method, in addition to the main digital photographing.

Gift No. 2:Makeup for the bride, performed by the wedding makeup artist Yana Akhmetova

Makeup is very important for any bride who wants to look beautiful. The wedding makeup considerably differs from the daily one and, of course, its making should be entrusted to the skilled expert.

Yana Akhmetova is a professional makeup artist-stylist with a 17-year work experience in the areas of fashion and beauty, a graduate of image-studio “Nice”, a lecturer in the Makeup School ProMakeupArtist in Prague, an author of publications about makeup and style, specialized in creation of images for brides, photographing as the makeup artist-stylist, etc.

Get a wedding makeup as a gift in addition to your photo shoot.


SuperStarting Set

2 hours of photo shooting

Best memories of your wedding at the minimum price

Starting Set

4 hours of photo shooting

Best memories of your wedding at the starting price
(makeup and a photo shoot on a film as a gift!)

Standard Set

4 hours of photo shooting

Best memories of your wedding in a photo book
(makeup and a photo shoot on a film as a gift!)

Double Set

6 hours of photo shooting

Best memories of your wedding, shot by two photographers with maximum number of photos in 2 unique photo books
(makeup and a photo shoot on a film as a gift!)

Send the application to clarify a free date and a price 


Политика конфиденциальности

Memories are invaluable.

Trust a photo shoot of your wedding to a professional!


Starting Set

Best memories of your wedding at the starting price

Preliminary appointment, consultation regarding photo shoot and a wedding route

Wedding makeup for the bride *

4 hours of photo shooting

Film photography *

Providing finished photos via electronic means and a file hosting service

600* euro 

Standard Set

Best memories of your wedding in a unique photo book

Preliminary appointment, consultation regarding photo shoot and a wedding route

Wedding makeup for the bride *

4 hours of photo shooting

Film photography *

Photo book 20*20 cm. Firm cover, firm pages, individual design, 30 pages

Branded DVD disc with photos

Sending a photo book and a disc via EMS express delivery

720* euro 

Double Set

Best memories of your wedding, shot by two photographers with maximum number of photos in 2 unique photo books

Preliminary appointment, consultation regarding photo shoot and a wedding route

Wedding makeup for the bride *

6 hours of photo shooting

Film photography *

Shooting on two cameras (+ the second photographer)

Photo book 20*20 cm. Firm cover, firm pages, individual design, 30 pages

Photo book 15*15 cm. Soft cover, 30 pages

Branded DVD disc with photos

Sending a photo book and a disc via EMS express delivery

1100* euro 

Individual Set

Best memoirs of your wedding, crafted individually for you individually for you

Can’t find a set that suits you? Leave your application and I’ll make an exclusive offer for you!

Memories are invaluable.

Trust a photo shoot of your wedding to a professional!

*until the end of a special offer


Frequently asked questions

 How to choose a shooting’s length?    

If you are planning a wedding just for the two of you or with a small number of guests, then 4-5 hours of a photo shoot should be enough to capture all the best moments and most beautiful places of Prague or a castle. If you are planning a big wedding with a banquet lasting from morning until midnight, then, of course, it is better to get one or two photographers for more that 5 hours to fully capture your beautiful and important day.

 Why should we choose a photo shoot with two photographers?

A photo shoot with two cameras allows capturing the wedding day in its completion. It is especially helpful when, for example, you have a big wedding with many guests and one of the photographers is shooting bride’s preparation, while the second one is responsible for the groom; one stays with the newly-married, the second one catches the guests. As a result of such combined work, you will get a lot more photos with more interesting angles and nothing will be left unnoticed.  

What is the number of photos we receive?

Every hour of a photo shoot gets you at least 50 photos. This is a guaranteed number. Yet, I always do and send much more, so you will get all the good photos from a technical point of view, which allows you later to select the perfect ones for the family album.

When do we get our photos?

Several days after a photo shoot I will send you the first small batch of the pictures, so that you could look at your photos and show them to your friends and relatives.

Delivery of the other photos depends on how intense the schedule is during that period. Usually it is about 1-2 months.

We will regulate this in the contract.

Is it possible to adjust or enlarge the selected set?

Of course, if you decide that the chosen set seems insufficient, you can change it at any time by increasing the number of hours for a photo shoot, taking the second photographer, adding photo books and even changing their size and the number of pages.

 What is the format of the photos we get?

All images will be send in two formats; one for fast and convenient sharing and uploading to the Internet (1900*1200px) and one for printing and including in a photo book (2400*3600px). If you need any other format, let me know.

How many people are present on set during a photo shoot other than a photographer?                                    

While shooting I am usually accompanied by an assistant responsible for light effects and an assisting manager. The set “Double” includes a second photographer with another lightning assistant.

Can we choose pictures for the photo book?

Of course, as soon as all photos are be ready, you will be able to choose the photos to be included in your photo book. You will receive detailed instructions on how to select photos and how many of them should be there.

Can we change the size and the number of pages in a photo book?

Yes, you can. Other than the standard photo books, there are a few options of their style, varied in size and number of pages. I will send you the detailed offer and price, so you will be able to decide about the other option. 

Do you arrange photo shoots in other cities and countries?

Yes, I practically shoot in any part of the world. Send me the message, and all the terms will be defined individually.

 Can we order a photo shoot in a studio?

Yes, it is possible. I have got my own studio in Prague, where the photo shoots can be set any time.

 Is there an opportunity to order the separate photo shoot of a love story?

Sure. Compose an individual application and I will make an offer for you.

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